Angel Tree 2015!

It’s that time again!

Angel Tree 2015 is here! I’m super excited, as always, for November 1. I wouldn’t miss Angel Tree for anything—it’s the greatest experience, every year. So, who will I be advocating for this year? Well, none other than these two cuties: Asherton and Robert!

My first Angel Tree, I advocated for a 5 year old girl, Suzanne (that girl still has my heart, and hopefully someday it will be possible for her to be adopted. Every year since, it’s been a boy. 2012 was Dmitri, 2013 Hale (my only angel tree kiddo who has found a family) and Jasper, 2014 Artemur.

I really gravitate towards boys—older boys specifically—but it’s funny because that is the very type of child the least people gravitate towards. Most people want a baby girl. I love that I feel so called to kids who really the attention. If I ever adopt, it will absolutely be an older boy.

So, what will I be doing to raise money and awareness for Asherton and Robert? Well, as always, I have my Etsy shop Light. Live. Do. where I sell printables that you can hang up on your walls as decoration. I have a lot of Bible verse/adoption related ones, and I'm always more than happy to take a custom request! They only cost $5 and every single penny I receive gets donated to Reece's Rainbow!

I can also design blogs, flyers, etc. Just talk to me and I'm happy to design whatever you're looking for (email: lightlivedo@yahoo.com).

Here's hoping that this is a wonderful year for the Angel Tree and that all of us warriors will have success in our fundraising and advocacy efforts. Donate if you can, and if not, share the Angel Tree and the kids! Exposure is just as important as money. Who knows, your tweet or facebook post could make its way to an Angel Tree child's future parent!

be blessed,

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