MACC Fundraisers

I have two fundraisers going on for Andersen:

1. Printable Wall Art

I sell 8x10 printables for $5. I have a variety of designs (and I'm always happy to take requests for new ones!) and 100% of this money is donated to Andersen. You can easily print these from your home printer or at a photo center, and they would make adorable decor for any room in your house! Click here to visit my Etsy shop to browse the printable and make a purchase.

2. Blog Design Templates

I have created pre-made blog templates that I am selling for $20, 100% going to Andersen. I'm also more than happy to take requests for new template designs! These designs are pre-made, so your blog will look like the example blog, but it will be personalized with your title/information/picture. You can browse the designs below, and to purchase, fill out the form here.

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