One Thousand Dollars.

In late October, I committed to being Suzanne's {cute little girl to the right!} Christmas warrior.

I did it because I love Reece's Rainbow, because I wanted to make a difference, because Suzanne was cute, because at the time all she had in her account was $25.20, and most of all, because she was in an institution.

That's right, Suzanne turned 5 this past April and instead of going to kindergarten, she lives in a mental institution in Russia.

and I wanted to help change her world. The goal for Angel Tree warriors is to raise $1,000 for your child.

Did I ever think Suzanne would get there? Honestly, no. That's a big goal. All I knew was that whatever money I could raise, and could donate, would be better than nothing.

No one can do everything...but everyone can do something...

Suzanne's been doing so great. She had $285 by the time I went to bed last night, some from my fundraising efforts, some just because people are kind of {no, not just kind of... really} amazing. :)

I went to bed kind of crazy happy, because of a new fundraising opportunity. I woke up, went to class, got home and logged onto Facebook {to check the Angel Tree warriors FB group, of course! My favorite thing to do.}

Then, as is my tradition, I clicked on Suzanne's link, conveniently located right there in my bookmarks bar. <loading...loading...> and low and behold, the number I saw was not $285, or maybe something in the $300's. NO. WAY. Cue the high-pitched screaming!

Do you know what that number means? It means in less than 24 hours, over $700 was raised for Suzanne. 

Over $700.

and I had absolutely NO part in this whatsoever.

Praise God, friend. Praise Him. For real. because this was a work completely of His doing {like everything else isn't, I know}.

"For nothing is impossible with God." {Luke 1:37}

I am SO blessed by every single person who donated to Suzanne! It melts my heart.

Just know, that when you do something like that, donating to an organization of any kind that helps children/orphans/people {not just Reece's Rainbow}, you are changing the world.

That's right. That $1, which isn't even enough to buy a pack of gum, helps save a life. and one day, when Suzanne {or any other orphan} is home with her family, you can say that you helped get her there.

Suzanne made it. None of this is about me.

Thank you so much, God!!!!!

People's random acts of kindness to this little girl have totally made my entire month. Yes, month.

YAY, Suzanne!!! You go, girl. :)

 "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." {Matthew 17:20}

The seeds have been multiplied. One thousand times over again. and I couldn't be more grateful.

I just hope that those donations, that the amount of money in Suzanne's fund and every other angels fund, bring glory not to the warriors {especially me}, but to God.

This is really an amazing thing. She's still got a long way to go until her grant is "completely funded", but God met her need for this November/December season!

I can't wait to see how much money over the $1,000 goal we can raise. I'm really excited for her.

a little faith, some crazily supportive {and also... awesome!} people friends, 37 days, and from $25.20 to $1025.20 this little girl goes.

no words.
P.S. While donations to Reece's Rainbow are anonymous, so i have no idea who donated and how much they donated, I do have this "feeling" that the giant $700 jump must have something to do with Stori!

Stori is hosting an iPad 2 giveaway, which is going on until Christmas day, for her little guy named Kai. {Who is one of the cutest kids ever, by the way.} Kai met his $1,000 goal almost instantly, which is AMAZING, and he now has over $2,000 from Angel Tree.

Since she's the sweetest person in the world {if you have a better way to describe her, go ahead, but seriously, she's amazing!} Stori decided to extend her iPad giveaway to cute little Spencer and {brace yourself} Suzanne!

Yes, Suzanne. For real. By donating just $1+ to Suzanne, you are eligible to enter Stori's iPad giveaway! I'm so blessed by her generosity. So please, if you've already donated to Suzanne {or Spencer or Kai} go enter. If you haven't donated yet, all it takes is $1 to help make a change in her life & be eligible to enter for the iPad!

God. is. so. good.



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  1. Haha, nope – so not the sweetest person ever! I just hate the thought of that little angel in an institution, plus you are such an inspiration to me. 1 Tim 4:12 must have been written about you!


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